Dryfuit Cupcake( Veg.)

At a start of the festive season and winter; some healthy and delicious dessert can help to make your party successful. Sweet always doubles the deliciousness to any potluck or party. Perfect sweet is the key to any party whether its small or big. As Christmas week is going on I wanted to try some healthy and yummy dessert for my family. The dessert which can be suitable for party, kids and for most important for health.

Usually, I find lots of dry fruits and nuts in my pantry. I stock it up for my family. But the hard part is every time I have to remind them to eat and I have to pull out the boxes for them. Sometimes, they don’t feel to have raw nuts. So, this Christmas I tried some new recipe that is Dryfruit cake. I know it sounds so yummy. Cake with dry fruits. I found recipe in my computer. Which was saved for so long; I don’t know from where I got that but I was sure I want to try this. Fortunately, I found all the ingredients available in my pantry and started. And you know it came out so well and it was so yummy I decided to make this recipe every winter or Christmas. And I also wanted to share with you guys this lovely recipe.


3 1/2 cup Plain flour/ All purpose flour/ cake mix/ Wheat flour (If not adding coco powder add any flour in place of coco powder)

1/2 cup coco powder (If want to add chocolate flavor)

2 tsp- baking powder

2 tsp- baking soda

1 cup+ 3 tbs hot water

2 1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 cup yogurt (It should be lit sour in taste and some liquid consistency)

1 cup oil /Butter

2 tsp vanilla extract

lots of nuts ( around 1 -2 cups)can add more of your choice

1/2 cup chocolate chips


Preheat oven at 350 F. Grease 9″ pan and dust with flour.

  1. Sieve all the dry ingredients- flour, baking powder, baking soda in large bowl and mix them well.
  2. In anther bowl take hot water.
  3. Add sugar to hot water and mix it.
  4. Add yogurt and oil/butter. Mix all well. You can mix it with stand mixer.So,it can mixed well. I used hand mixer.
  5. Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients.Mix them well.
  6. Add vanilla extract.
  7. Add lots of chopped dry fruits-Almonds, walnuts,raisins, fig, dried cranberries, tutti futti, chocolate chips.
  8. Mix it well.and batter is ready.
  9. Pour this mixture into the pan. and bake for 50-60 min or untill skewer come out clean. I used cup cake liners and make cupcakes from this batter too. For cup cake bake at 350 F for 20 to 25 min.
  10. Your cake is ready. Yummy. Enjoy the cake.


I glazed it with sugar vanilla syrup.and Decorated with almond toppings.

You can have it without any toppings.But if you want to try this here is the recipe.

4 tbs melted butter.

4 tbs milk

1/2 to 1 cup powdered sugar.

1 tsp vanilla extract

mix all the ingredients. and you syrup is done.

I hope you guys will like this recipe. Do try at home. And share your feedback.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas