Party Trend Alert: 4 best Bread Pizza recipes

Kids love to eat junk all the time. And moreover, when the holiday  season comes parents are kind of busy to buy stuff and gifts for family, decorate house and Christmas tree, run some errands and plan for holiday gateaways  and looking for celebration.

Holidays are for fun and enjoyment but many times to parents are very busy to arrange everything and looking for celebration. In that situation I like to prepare meals in a jiffy, easy, simple and most importantly delicious.

Here, I am presenting some of the recipes of Bread pizza which I tried recently, and I thought to share it with you guys to try these in holidays.

The advantages of these recipes : these are easy to make and everyone would love this.

Sliced bread Pizza: bread-pizza-pic1_thumb1

This recipe is best when you have leftover bread slices at home. If you have remains after the party or more in stock of bread slices you can always use it later.

The best part is you will have this ingredients readily available in your pantry. Easy to assemble and quick recipe in minutes.

This recipe is inspired by:

I tried this recipe and I personally loved this recipe.

Here, the recipe required pasta or tomato sauce. But I like to experiment new things. So, I used Schezwan Sauce/ paste. And believe me It was delicious. Apart from chili flakes I used black pepper it tastes heaven!yumm….. Give it a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Next recipe on my list is:

French bread pizza sticks:

This recipe is different from above in a way that unnamed
this will require french loaf. French loaf will give the feeling of bread sticks which we are used to eat at pizzeria. And one more noticeable ingredient is garlic. It would be a hit with these ingredients. I found this recipe at two different sites. one has mentioned the cheese of top of the pizza sauce. But I personally like cheese for the toppings not as a base. But it’s up to individual.

Recipe inspired by:


Taco French Bread Pizza:

This recipe is best for Mexican food lovers.This recipe taco_french_bread5-e1436372499914will require ground beef but you can always substitute it with other veggies and skip the meat. You are going to use the french bread for this recipe like above. As a base you can choose to add any sauces or refried beans and toppings as many as you like. The other change is this will need cheddar cheese which could enhance the flavor of this pizza bread.

Recipe inspired by:

Spinach Artichoke French bread Pizza:

spinach-artichoke-french-bread-pizza-overlay-blogThis is very rich and creamy dish. It will have lots of different kinds of cheese.  And artichoke and spinach would be a main ingredients. I mentioned here this recipe because  I find it different from other bread pizza recipes. I never tried it but I strongly would like to try this in near future.

Recipe inspired by:

I hope this recipes will help you to decide which could fit in your menu for your next party.

Share your ideas, comments and feedback.

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