DIY:Branches (Ramas)

Recently, I was looking for some DIY projects and I found this DIY project on Pinterest.


First, let me tell you why I chose this project. So, simple..As winter is about to pass, I found so many branches lying around in my backyard.  And I think this could be the best decorative DIY piece in my house. It’s so colorful and looks vibrant. The most important thing that you do not have to spend much ..wait one more thing that it’s quick to make. Though my version has little bit more work It’s worth it. Believe me!!!

IMG_5289 IMG_5288Let’s make them:

b798f3452990bee18652180538fc3eca inspired me to make this branches.

I made few changes to branches. I had acrylic paints which I have used to paint branches. I Chose silver and golden color and painted them. I did 2 coats. Color enhances the look of the Ramas. You can skip painting if you like little bit of rustic look. But If you like to introduce some modern look  you can paint those. It’s up to you.

IMG_5302                   IMG_5296

So, what are you waiting for? Do it a try DIY 🙂




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    Quite like it 😀

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