Honey Walnut Cream Cheese Spread

When weekend arrives, I would love to have some hot and fresh breakfast. Usually for me, Pancakes are the best option, because its easy to make and delicious to eat. Well, sometimes, we like to have fresh bagels from a local bakery for breakfast. Local stores usually prepare fresh bagel everyday so,  We usually buy “everything” bagel from nearby store. Because, I like the crunch of sesame seeds on it.. For bagel, we buy ready made cream cheese spread. While buying ready made spread at local groceries you may find limited varieties like, strawberry and vanilla. No doubt, If you go to the restaurant or bakeries  you can find many varieties. I remember, once I tried walnut cream cheese spread at Panera Breads. I really liked that flavor.

I usually buy cream cheese when I am planning to make pinwheel or quick cream cheese sandwiche. When cream cheese to be mixed with all kind of bell peppers and herbs; it enhances the flavor of the dish. Well, talking about spread; this time I wanted to make honey walnut spread for bagel at home. 35324181556_20563668d3_o

For spread I used:

4 tbs Cream cheese (At room temperature)

1 -2 tsp Honey

10 walnuts chopped’

Pinch of herbs (Can be used Basil or Parsley)

Salt to taste

  • Cream cheese should be at room temperature.
  • Take a bowl, Add cream cheese, honey, salt and herbs.
  • Mix them well with a spoon.
  • Add chopped walnut and Mix them again.
  • Here you go, Honey Walnut Cream Cheese Spread is ready.
  • Apply them on fresh toasted bagel and enjoy.35324193346_1764be339f_o

Have Fun.


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    1. PS says:

      Yes dear.killing combination.!!!

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  1. It is looking so good…Loved it..Will try soon..

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    1. PS says:

      Thank you.let me know how it goes.

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  2. Danijela says:

    Looks delicious! 😍

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  3. LocalChef says:


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    1. PS says:

      Thank you!!!


  4. Love cream cheese! Thanks for the recipe!

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    1. PS says:

      Thanks Diane.

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