Happy Diwali


Diwali is festival of lights. And this is the time when we decorate our house, and celebrate it with friends and family. I hope this Diwali, may god gives you all the happiness and may god give you all that you want and need in you life. Enjoy the festival with lots of light.

Like every year, this Diwali I have prepared so many sweets and decorate my home. It’s always fun to try new recipes around this time of the year. I usually gather exciting recipes from different resources and make them for my family for Diwali lunch or dinner. During Diwali we usually have lot to prepare so, this year I prepared 2 ingredient quick and easy Mawa Peda. I will share those in my next blog. Apart from new recipes, I made lantern hanging for Diwali decoration. After looking for so many options for DIY decoration, I came up with the idea of wall hanging. I had some scrapbook paper and used them for decoration purpose. It was fun to make and looked exactly the way I wanted.

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What do you think? I think it looks great. What have you prepared for this Diwali? I would love to hear your efforts and experiments.

Thank you,

Happy Diwali Again.



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  1. jyo says:

    Enjoy the beautiful DIWALI🌟🌟

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    1. PS says:

      Happy Diwali!!!Thank you


  2. mistimaan says:

    Happy Diwali πŸ™‚

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful festival!

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    1. PS says:

      Yes, it is!!!

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  4. Bhavana says:

    Beautiful lanterns

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    1. PS says:

      Thank you Bhavana!!!


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