DIY: Valentines Day

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first of all, spiceinthebox wishing you all the readers Happy Valentines Day..Hope you’ll all have a rocking time with your loved ones.

It’s been a long time I shared any DIY projects. As I have been busy with my cooking experiments. But as Valentines day is here I would like to share Easy, quick and last minute DIY gift for your loved ones. As shown in the picture, you would have guessed it’s DIY Picture frame. The wooden picture frame I got was from Michales on sale. The requirements for this project are minimal and everything was at reasonable and affordable price that any one can make this frame in jiffy. You can make this for friends, siblings or dear ones. Well, I really liked this frame that I couldn’t hold my self to get more creative with this. I have already shared DIY Picture frame for brother in my earlier post. and now this DIY is specifically for your loved ones. So, give it a try to make this on this valentines day. This is also the perfect last minute gift idea and I am sure kids gonna love this too.

For this DIY you need to get one wooden picture frame and Vashi tape in different designs and colors. As this is for the valentines day, you can select the color theme such as  Red or Pink. You can also choose the fabric tape. And you need to have one picture with your loved ones. First, you need to apply the base color of your choice. I chose the Pink color and Painted the frame. Once the color is dried enough, apply different patterned tapes horizontally. Be creative here, you can create your own design, apply tape vertically or horizontally and cover the frame. And cut the photo in desired shape  and it’s ready.


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